Non-Exclusive Arrangement

In a non-exclusive partnership with, cargo van operators can sign up based on their individual needs, depending on the number of other carriers they use for dispatching. Cargo van operators are required to have the proper insurance coverage as per industry standards.


Access to a broader audience within the cargo van dispatch industry.

Opportunities for collaboration with multiple motor carriers while maintaining compliance with insurance requirements.


It’s important for cargo van operators to exercise caution when partnering with multiple carriers. Using too many carriers can lead to challenges in managing workload and potential confusion in dispatching assignments.

Payment Reliability

It’s crucial to partner with carriers that you can trust to ensure prompt and reliable payment for your services. Seek carriers known for their financial reliability within the industry.

Friendly Collaboration

A friendly and cooperative working relationship with carriers can lead to better communication and problem-solving. Choose carriers with whom you feel comfortable collaborating.

No Forced Dispatch

Avoiding forced dispatch ensures that you have the flexibility to accept assignments that align with your availability and preferences.

Select carriers that respect your autonomy and do not impose forced dispatch.

Why Choose

Wide Reach: Join our platform to access a vast network of potential clients and partners in the cargo van dispatch industry.

Reliable Payments: We prioritize prompt and dependable payments to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Friendly Collaboration: Our team values open communication and friendly collaboration, making your experience with us pleasant and productive.

No Forced Dispatch: You have the flexibility to accept assignments that suit your schedule and preferences. We respect your autonomy.

Tailored Solutions: We understand that each partner is unique. We work with you to create customized solutions that fit your specific needs. We are not only a Dispatch Service, we are a Carrier.