Exclusive Arrangement

In an exclusive partnership with a carrier, cargo van drivers have the opportunity to work exclusively with a single company,
which may offer specific benefits and considerations. Feel free to ask us about it.

Exclusive Partnership Benefits

Lower Insurance Costs

By exclusively working with one company, cargo van drivers can often secure lower insurance costs, saving money on premiums. Cost-effective insurance solutions tailored to your needs.

Forced Dispatch

Exclusive partnerships typically involve forced dispatch, where drivers go where they are assigned by the company. Drivers should be prepared for assignments based on the company’s needs and priorities.

Is Exclusive Right for You?

Exclusive partnerships offer distinct advantages, but it’s essential to evaluate if this arrangement aligns with your goals and preferences.

If you value cost savings on insurance and can adapt to forced dispatch, an exclusive partnership may be a suitable choice.

Consider your readiness to commit to a specific workload dictated by the company’s dispatch assignments. Exclusive partnerships often entail long-term commitments. Assess if you are prepared for this level of commitment.

Feel free to discuss exclusive arrangements with us.

To explore exclusive partnership opportunities with Cargovandispatch.com and discuss how it can benefit your cargo van business, please contact us. We’re here to assist you in making an informed decision.